Friday, March 28, 2014

Episode 3x12 "The Grass is Always Greener"

We open on Topanga and Amy Matthews watching a chick flick together on the living room couch, and they're on the verge of tears. Cory's asleep on the edge of the couch though. I'm genuinely curious, have any of you been in a situation like this before? I kept my high school girlfriends as far away from my parents as possible, but I guess this is no ordinary couple we're talking about. One way or the other, Eric comes to spirit his little brother away to watch the Superbowl with him and their father.

Eric sets him down in the kitchen, and unleashes some animosity toward the trends of Cory's relationship with Topanga. Apparently they've been doing old-married-couple stuff like this frequently.

We're in dire straits tonight, folks.

At school, Cory tells Shawn the story of his old-married-couple weekend. He mentions that just he and Topanga "went to the mall" on Sunday, and the audience fuckin "wooooOOOOOOOO"s louder than I have ever heard in my life, and I just do not possess the cognitive ability to figure out why. The mall? How is the mall a sexy place? I am at a total loss here. Both of our heroes admit that Cory is in a bit of a slump.

That is a well written joke. Simple in concept, clever in execution. What's also interesting is who's giving the punchline. We've seen a lot of jokes this season coming from Cory, directed at Shawn. Shawn's lack of intelligence has been brought center stage recently, so it's refreshing to have it going the other direction. What's more, didn't Cory become "the most dangerous guy I know" to Shawn back in season 2's "Danger Boy"? Is that the old dangerous Cory?  How many times is Cory gonna go through these transformations?

Anyway, Shawn invites Cory out to a party with students from some other high school that night, but first Cory is going to have to cancel his plans with Toplamingo.  Ah, what a stroke of fortune, Topanga cancels the plans first, saying she's having a girls' night out, and then departs after a quick cheek kiss. The audience loses their shit again. Seriously this must be the most sheltered group of homeschooled Amish kids they could find, they'll go crazy over anything remotely intimate.

That is a real show. If you didn't know that, I apologize for destroying your faith in humanity.

It's Eric's turn now. First Turner reminds him that his essay on Of Mice And Men is late, Eli reminds him his journalism project is late, Feeny gives him an F on his Joan of Arc report, and (wow really?) that chemistry teacher from earlier in the season is here too, telling Eric to just blow something up at home and bring it in. WHAT ABOUT HIS MATH TEACHER? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT MATH AT THIS SCHOOL? Seriously though, all four of them just show up. Seconds after each other. I think we all would have been happier with four different direct cuts to different places, but we got this instead.

At Turner's apartment, Cory is having self-image issues, so he borrows a leather jacket from his best bud to be a little less himself at the party. Then we jump back to John Adams High, still at night, and Eric is wandering near Turner's classroom. We overhear the same four teachers pictured above playing poker, looks like 5 card draw, and Eli tells Turner that he "cannot check-raise", to which Feeny agrees. I put up with a lot in these reviews, but YOU CAN'T FUCKING FORBID CHECK-RAISING. I am disgusted.

Eric wants to play cards with them, and offers to go home and study as soon as he loses. I'm assuming he means until he loses all his chips, which, in general, can take a pretty long time. But the teachers agree regardless.

I.... don't really know why Eric was at the school in the first place. If that isn't addressed at some point...
*EDIT* I didn't bother talking about an earlier scene where Eric wants to study, but his mother points out that he doesn't have his textbook. So he is in fact back at school to retrieve his textbook from his locker. Thank you Anon for pointing that out. That scene wasn't funny so I just completely forgot about it.*END EDIT*

We're at that other school's party or dance or whatever, and a miscommunication at the door leads to everyone thinking that Cory is the legendary Shawn Hunter.

Being Shawn Hunter has its perks.

Now, see, this is interesting. It's almost meta. We spent the entire second season watching Cory try to pick up traits from Shawn. Shawn has quality X, Cory wants it, and by the end Cory either has it or decides he doesn't want it. But now, now he has actually BECOME Shawn. He is now all of those things, and we're going to see what he can do with it all.

Back at the poker game, Eric's full house beats Feeny's set of Aces. Poker is just one of those things that gets hideously embellished in Hollywood. It's like hacking, or medical dramas. Five Card Draw is a terrible game. Anyway, the teachers are still set on getting Eric to lose, but he's been doing very well so far. There isn't really a development here, it's just like "yeah, this game is still going on."

At the dance, real Shawn informs Cory-Shawn that some allegedly hot French girl is at this dance, so Cory-Shawn goes to find her.

Poker time again. Eric wins the hand with Jack high. Alright I take it back. That's actually not embellished at all. Good for them. The teachers are convinced Eric is cheating somehow. Because... Jack high reeks of cheating..?

Hey, a Rain Man reference. There were 246 toothpicks in that Rain Man scene though.

So Eric has savant powers, apparently. The chemistry teacher ends up quitting his job and invites Eric out to Atlantic City to count cards. You can't really count cards in poker, that's a blackjack thing, but at least they tried. They've still got my approval from that Jack high hand.

At the dance, the French girl is finally located. Cory bastardizes the French language and Shawn completely forgets that he previously laid claim to the one-per-series savant allocation, which allowed him to speak perfect French. That seems like something you would remember, but neither of them mentions it.

Wuh oh. The French girl is Topanga. Which would probably be pronounced in French as Teh-PUHN-gehhhhhh~~~

Apparently her group of friends thought it would be fun to come to another school's dance and pretend to be other people. Cory's unhappy, but another girl comes up and calls him Shawn, so both members of our happy couple are revealed to be in disguise.

Thus the two move their conversation outside and they both comment that they haven't actually had any fun together in a long time.

Solid advice! And then they break up. Enjoy this moment, this is the most rational interaction between these two for the rest of the series. They walk off in different directions, apparently leaving their friends at this dance to fend for themselves.

During the credits, some sad music plays while they look at each other in Turner's class and have, like, flashbacks to earlier seasons when they did stuff together. At first I was like "Oh this is camp! It's a parody, that's funny and self aware!" But the audience never starts laughing. It's actually serious. We're actually supposed to feel sad because of this montage of flashbacks. Yikes.

Plot: 0.75 - It was cool seeing Cory fully adopt Shawn's persona since he's been doing it in little parts for a while now, and I was actually pretty surprised that Topanga turned out to be the "French girl". But Eric's poker story was pretty bad. And nothing ever even came out of it. No lessons, no wisdom, he just won at poker until everyone else quit. What a massive waste of time.

Character Development: 0.25 - Cory and Topanga work through some identity issues, and Eric is a savant...?

Humor: 0.25 - Again, the poker story failed to deliver. Shawn had the most consistent laughs, but he's had better.

Life Lesson: 1.0 - That gif of Topanga up there. That's good stuff for adolescents. Real good stuff. And for adults.

2.25 out of 4.0. Enjoyable, but largely forgettable, save for the breakup scene. You should watch this one just for the credits, maybe someone out there can tell me what the fuck the writers were thinking.

Thanks for reading! That marks the halfway point, so I'm going to take my mid-season break next week, and then come back and power through through the rest of the season starting on April 7th. See you then!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Episode 3x11 "City Slackers"

It's Amy Matthews's birthday, so Mr. Feeny gives her a key to his cottage in the Poconos, so that she and her darling husband might enjoy a romantic getaway. They've already got birthday related plans this weekend, but another time, perhaps.

Shawn swipes the key and suggests to Cory that they sneak up to the cabin that weekend and do snowy mountain things.

At school, Eric lies to a girl to get a date with her, since she only dates jocks. What sport does he play, you ask? Well she asked too, so have some fucking patience. They're at Chubbie's, so he sees the pool table in the back and claims to be a grand master at the game. They approach the table so he can show off, but Frankie and Joey arrive and challenge him for the table. What was he going to do otherwise? He's not actually good...

This whole time I've been thinking to myself that I know I've seen that actress before, she's totally familiar, and now it hit me. Word of honor here, I haven't checked yet. But I'm 99% sure she plays Rita on Dexter. I'm so sure, it has to be. ... Okay, now I checked, it is in fact Julie Benz, the actress behind Rita. How bout that shit!

The next scene is at Feeny's cabin in the Poconos. The boys have arrived by the magic of Hollywood, and a man named Ranger Mark escorted them to the cabin believing them to be Feeny's grandsons. They make an incest joke, which was surprising, and then Ranger Mark tells them the legend of some serial killer named Grady. It's mostly a waste of time. It's okay though, Ranger Mark is played by Troy Evans, whose voice is absolutely hysterical here, it doesn't even matter what he's saying, and he was in 129 episodes of E.R. so that's cool.

The boys can't figure out how to turn on the electricity in the cabin. Wuh oh.

We're back at Chubbie's now for about a minute, and we see that both Eric and Frankie are actually really bad at pool. They've been playing for an hour and have sunk zero balls. This extreme ineptitude has attracted quite a crowd, including Eli. This guy is in more episodes than Topanga. I wanna know how he pulled that off.

Anyone else think that girl's face looks like a Salvador Dali painting? It's just the angle, it's kinda... weird... Anyway...

Back in the Poconos, Shawn and Cory have discovered that there's no one else around, and there isn't even any snow. Shawn managed to misinterpret the weather report, because that's just what he does. He heard "The Rocky Mountains" and thought that was just a general description for mountains, "you know, like chewy nougat," so Cory points out that they are in fact 2000 miles away from the Rockies. That is an oddly specific measurement to just pull out of your ass like that. He's not far off either, it's about 2200 miles away, but I had to look that shit up. I wouldn't even BEGIN to be able to tell you that off the top of my head. I guess Feeny's geography classes were the real fuckin deal after all.

Shortly thereafter, Feeny arrives with the intention to pack up the cabin so he can sell it (or maybe sell the stuff? I'm not sure), and is surprisingly not outraged at the young boys' trespassing. It's too late for Cory's parents to come get them, so it looks like they'll all be staying the night. There's no reason in the universe for Feeny to show up here this late, but whatever.

It's pool time again, and the crowd cheer every time Eric or Frankie misses a shot. It has now been three hours. Eric's date, I don't even know her name, bails since Eric is a huge loser. Then we get a montage of Eric and Frankie being bad at pool, which is honestly hilarious. I've seen this episode at least a dozen times, and this marathon billiards match is always funny. It just works on every level. Definitely one of my favorite gags in the entire series.

There's a pun there about "levels", but I'll leave it alone.

At Feeny's cabin, the man himself and Shawn are butting heads. They butt heads earlier in the episode too, so Shawn finally confronts him with a "Why do you hate me so much?" Mr. Feeny delicately explains that he only hates to see Shawn wasting his potential, and that he does in fact know quite a bit about the young man, including his affinity for the band Counting Crows. I would be lying if I said that I didn't go look them up the first time I saw this. I'd also be lying if I said that this scene didn't captivate my entire being. This is an absolutely beautiful conversation, my friends. We have seen maybe one or two instances of Feeny and Shawn building their relationship, so this is truly a treat. The dialogue is perfectly constructed, the acting is on point, it's just fantastic. This is some season 1 Feeny right here.

Put yourself in Shawn's shoes for a second. Your parents have abandoned you, Turner barely has any idea what he's doing, your best friend is falling in love, and pretty much everything is a mess. But now you learn that Mr. Feeny is looking out for you. Mr. Feeny has your back. He's rooting for you, he's in your corner. Can you even imagine how reassuring that is for Shawn? What's even better is that this is a revelation for the audience too! We know Feeny secretly loves Cory, but we haven't seen NEARLY that level of guidance toward Shawn. But now we've peeked beneath the surface. I absolutely love this scene. Top 10 in the series, no question.

Next, Cory knocks Feeny's wristwatch off the counter and down the sink's drain. That's a very Shawn thing to do, but Shawn just had his big moment so I'm glad the writers chose not to ruin that. Feeny is truly furious, but keeps it contained. Later that night, Cory wakes up to find Shawn reading Mr. Feeny's old diary, in particular a few entries describing very Shawn-like behavior. And then there's the one that breaks our hearts: Feeny's late wife, Lilian, bought him that wristwatch for their fifth anniversary many years before.

That shit right there. Damn, Feeny. You got a way with words.

The next morning we discover that Shawn and Cory have dug up the cabin's septic tank to retrieve Feeny's wristwatch. Far fetched, but it worked out, and we get another nice moment of unspoken connection between these characters. Feeny tells them to go wash the septicness off of them in the lake, which will surely result in their deaths since it's 20 degrees, but fine.

During the credits, Frankie leaves their 15 hour game of pool to go to choir practice, and then Eric sinks all the balls in one shot. 

Plot: 1.0 - The details of how exactly Shawn and Cory get to the cabin are a little shaky, but it's good overall, and the marathon billiards match is genius.

Character Development: 1.0 - The Shawn-Feeny connection gets a massive boost.

Humor: 1.0 - A lot of dialogue at the cabin was funny, especially Ranger Mark, and the entire pool match was hilarious.

Life Lesson: 1.0 - Get to know somebody before you start drawing conclusions. 

4.0 out of 4.0 - Fantastic episode all around. Nothin really bad I can say about it without being pedantic. This one honestly never gets old, I love it every time I watch it.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Episode 3x10 "Train of Fools"

Boy Meets World has decided to mix things up in the world of television by doing a New Year's Eve episode instead of Christmas. Shawn's uncle Lazlo drives a limo as a business, and he's "not busy" for New Year's, so uncle Lazlo is going to chauffeur our heroes around to various parties or whatever fifteen year olds do on New Year's in 1995. Eric's got a date with some jeans model named Rebecca Alexa and he's preeeeetty excited.

Okay now it's New Year's Eve. Boy that was probably the most blatant plot establishment in the series. Just explicit statements of exactly what was going on. Hm.

Lazlo's limo is actually a hearse. Big laughs here guys... big ol laughs... :|
The disappointment continues at Turner's apartment where we get a story that we don't want. Turner and Eli are about to have a bros' night for New Year's with pizza and beer, and they reminisce about women they dated this past year. Over the span of less than 60 seconds, two women from Turner's past show up at the door and invite themselves in. WHAT A KOOKY CRAZY WACKY ZANY WHATEVERTHEFUCK.

And apparently the two women are old friends. My face is lookin a lot like Eli's there. The director was probably like "hey, just make the same face you made when you read this script." I feel you, man.

Apparently the corpse in the back of Uncle Lazlo's hearse started breathing, so the boys have lost their mode of transportation and are back at Cory's house. They picked up Topanga along the way, so she's with them now too. Oh hey, Eric's car broke down so now he and Rebecca Alexa are also back at the Matthews House. I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS WATCHIN, FUCKIN, THE FLINTSTOOOOOONES. OR THE JETSONS OR WHATEVER. HAS THERE EVER BEEN LAZIER WRITING? I'm not happy with this so far.

Rebecca Alexa is playing by Angela Visser. She's not a real model, but you'd think so from the way she delivers her lines. I have absolutely no idea how she got this part. Fuckin, Jim Abbott was a better actor and he's a baseball player. Anyway Ms. Visser has had a very limited career in television, except for playing "Ms. Dupre" on some shit called USA High that miracle'd its way into three seasons. 

So now the gang decide to share a cab to get downtown. But then Cory sends the cabbie away because of some kinda shit like, I dunno, his license doesn't look like him, so Cory thinks he's a serial killer or something. We're almost halfway into the episode and fuck all has happened. Is this a bottle episode? Are we going to be stuck here forever? 

Nope, they take the subway. But it's still basically a two-bottle episode between the subway and Turner's place. On the wall of the subway car, Cory and Shawn find a PSA with a picture of Mr. Feeny, which is the closest thing to humor we're gonna get today.

Cory spills the beans that Eric just wants to kiss Rebecca Alexa at midnight as a sort of trophy display, so she bails out of the subway car while it's stopped. And then the subway train breaks down. I need a snorkel for how many tropes I'm swimming in right now. Who gave this the green light? Anybody can tell you exactly how this is gonna end, they're gonna find some way to make a cool party right there on the subway. Sorry Boy Meets World, but you're playing at a disadvantage right from the start here: nothing can ever beat that subway episode of Hey Arnold. 


So Eric's freaking out but Shawn is playin it coooooooool. So far he's found a woman who's gone into labor in car 2, and some parochial schoolgirls in car 5. And then they waste some time making some bad jokes. The scene fades out and then back in on Turner's apartment where Turner's two ex girlfriends are yucking it up and talking shit about the guy WHOSE APARTMENT THEY JUST STORMED INTO while the men look on with disapproval. 

Well that's real great, trolls ass writers, ask the only reasonable question and then brush it under the goddamn rug. Great. I'm great. No problem.

Back in the Subway, Shawn announces that the woman in labor is close to finishing or whatever the word is for that, and so asks the car if anyone knows anything about delivery. Shawn then picks out a pizza delivery guy who then enthusiastically runs to help deliver the baby. It's word play. It's a pun. It's like a uh, it's like a children's coloring book in here. I quit.

Shawn's havin a great time though, he's about to go check up on those parochial girls.

I'll be honest with ya Shawnie boy, at this point, I would believe that one of your uncles is the pope. You've had an uncle just about everywhere else, so why not the Vatican. This prompts Cory to give us today's platitude, that you can make the best of any situation, so he's gonna try to have fun with Shawn and Topanga. Not Eric though.

Okay that was actually pretty funny. Will Friedle usually comes through at least once.

Back at Turner's, Eli is saying a bunch of terrible things about his best buddy to fit in with the women. Bros Before Hoes, come on Eli, this is a blatant violation. A third ex girlfriend shows up at the door, crying about how she needs someone who will listen to her problems. Turner sets her loose on Eli and his concubines, and then high-tails it the fuck up outta there.  The best thing about this arc is that it's over now. There's some slight unintentional humor in the fact that Turner feels the same way about all of this as I do.

In the subway car, everyone has some party hats on somehow, and one of the other passengers is like "hey guys, lets hear it for this guy who put all this party shit together". The guy in question is Cory, and the one speaking is a black guy who pronounces party as "parrrrrrttayyyyy", and none of the white people on the subway understand what that means. Ughhhhhh. And then everybody starts shaking Cory's hand and patting him on the back. It's just an absolute travesty of sitcomy bull shit. 

Eric's still moping, but then he and Cory reminisce about all the past New Year's Eves, and then Eric's not sad anymore and jesus christ are you kidding me. Shawn's got some of those schoolgirls hanging around with him but they look 30 years old so I don't even know what the fuck.

Plot: 0.15 - pffffhahahahaha. 

Character Development: 0 - pffffffffhahahahaha.

Humor: 0.5 - Eric and Shawn did a decent enough job, by the end of it.

Life Lesson: 1.0 - Poorly conveyed as it may be, it's at least legitimate. Don't get all pouty when shit doesn't go the way you planned. Spontaneity and adaptation are the keys to happiness in otherwise crappy situations.

1.65 out of 4.0 - Mostly a waste of time. About 70% of the episode is spent at either Turner's apartment or Cory's living room, and nothing interesting happens in either of those places. There's really not much to say about this one. And then if we compare it to the holiday episodes from the first two seasons, Turnaround in season 2 and Santa's Little Helper in season 1, this show had a pretty awesome track record. I don't know what happened here. They must have learned their lesson though. Seasons 4, 5, and 6 all go back to Christmas episodes.

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 3x09 "The Last Temptation of Cory"

The title sequence music is like a 15 year old's first guitar solo that they wrote all on their own.

Topanga's out sick and Cory gives her a call on that pay phone in the hallway after every class. When he hangs up he calls her "Topey", which is adorable. The two of them think this constant communication is sweet, but everyone else (including Shawn) thinks it's gag-worthy. A popular girl named Libby Harper comes up for some quick flirting with Cory, followed by some more quick small-talk from another popular girl named Missy Robinson.

I don't know why that 10 year old girl is sitting on that trash can, but even SHE is holding her notebooks that way. It's an epidemic.

So was that the last temptation of Cory? Or is there going to be more? That's suspense, people. Anyway Shawn explains that these girls want what they can't have, that Cory is significantly more attractive to them now that things are pretty serious with Topanga. That's the damn truth right there, Shawn actually knows what he's talking about today.

In Feeny's class (which, as always, is the same room as Turner's), Shawn and Cory are whispering about the Missy/Libby problem, when Feeny asks Cory what he was just saying. Cory claims that he was "too busy absorbing to listen." How 'bout Shawny Shawn?

You can see Ben Savage trying not to laugh there. The whole scene is pretty damn funny.

Class ends and Feeny tells them to choose partners for a project due next Friday, and makes the wise executive decision to split up Cory and Shawn. Some cute girl asks to be Shawn's partner, and Trini, played by the fabulous Brittany Murphy, tries to partner up with Cory since her best friend Toperingo is out sick.

Look at her body language. She really does an amazing job with this role. Like, there are a lot of awkward and annoying characters on television that are just painful to watch, but somehow Trini is endearingly awkward and annoying.

As Cory flees the scene, he is intercepted by Missy. Forced to choose between Trini and Missy for a partner, he goes for the one in the skirt. What a dog. That was a successful temptation on Missy's part. I hope that wasn't the last one.

At lunch, Feeny is collecting pledges for some sort of walk-a-thon from Turner and Eli. Feeny runs a con on Eli, saying how his joints hurt and stuff and Eli ends up pledging way too much. But who cares. Where's Eric? I want an Eric story, not this. On the other side of "the caf", Cory is eating with Missy with the intention of talking about their project, but she just wants to invite him to her party, which he accepts after some badgering. ANOTHER TEMPTATION. At home later, Cory tells Shawn about the party and goes off to ask Topanga if she's okay with him going to this party.

Eric replaces the family photo with a signed picture of Teddy "Beanbag" Bagwell, a fictitious baseball player who is only two hit-by-pitches away from the all time Major League record. Eric bought this picture for $200 in the hopes of turning a huge profit when Bagwell breaks the record. This is a pretty unique setup, honestly. That's pretty detailed for a side story.

The scene skips over to Topanga's room when Cory shows up. He tells her about the party and she encourages him to go because she's a reasonable human being and she trusts the person she loves. THANK GOODNESS. I was afraid of a "don't go" and then he sneaks, and then it's a thing. Whew, dodged a bullet. He promises to bring her back some ice cream after the party, and she requests "jimmies" on her ice cream. Is that a New England thing? Quantum Mechanics makes more sense to me than saying "jimmies" instead of "sprinkles." It just kinda wigs me out when people say it, I dunno.

This whole episode is a showcase of Cory's wit. Let's see, who wrote this... Susan Meyers and Judy Toll. They definitely know how to write Cory. Toll died in 2002 of melanoma, prompting a documentary to be produced by her brother in 2007 called "Judy Toll: The Funniest Woman You've Never Heard Of." Well don't worry, Judy Toll's brother, we've heard of her, and we acknowledge her greatness.

BTW Missy's party is a makeout party for just her, Cory, Libby, and Shawn. Woopsies.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy we've been here before. Melissa threw a party here in 2x05. The decorations are different though, I just checked. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I CHECKED. EXCUSE ME FOR BEING THOROUGH. Also it's amazing how much Cory's voiced has changed since then. I'm unsettled by the fact that both Cory and Shawn are wearing white+honey mustard yellow. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, I have literally never worn yellow on a date. It can't possibly be okay...

Quick tangent, Missy is played by Elisabeth Harnois, who had a shaky but consistent career from age five up to 2011, when she a big break! She got the role of Morgan Brody on CSI, one of the main characters on the CSI team, and has had that role ever since. Right on. Libby is played by Lindsey McKeon, who has had a bunch of ~10 episode recurring roles, but also had the role of Katie Peterson on... "Saved By the Bell: New Class".......? That's a thing...? That shit had SEVEN SEASONS from 1993 to 2000. How can that be...

So anyway Libby seduces Shawn pretty quickly.

Libby is being about as direct as you can be without actually tearing clothes off, but Cory is displaying a truly gargantuan level of self control. Talking on the couch isn't working, so Libby goes for plan b: dancing to romantic music.

 Wuh oh, it's past 9 o'clock, so Cory takes the phone into the close to call Topanga and let her know he's coming with her ice cream. Missy follows him into the closet and starts like, nibbling on his ear, and then kisses him after he hangs up the phone. Missy's dad comes home so Cory and Shawn make a mad dash outta there. Okay, I'm pretty sure THAT was the last temptation.

Back at the Matthews house, Eric is watching baseball in the hopes that Bagwell will get hit by some more pitches, but instead he announces that he's retiring. Alas.

We're at Chubbie's now as Cory and Shawn arrive to get Topanga's ice cream because where else were they going to get it. Then Topanga also arrives because she "needed to get out of the house", which is just annoyingly convenient, but fine. Ultimately Cory confesses that he "accidentally kissed" Missy.

Nothing bad really comes out of it though, he just explains what happened. During the credits, Eli realizes that he got conned. Woo hoo.

Plot: .75 - Yeah it was fine.

Character Development: .5 - Relationship stuff I guess.

Humor: 1.0 - Great showing from Cory, not really anybody else though.

Life Lesson: .5 - Don't kiss other girls when you have a girlfriend.

2.75 out of 4.0. Sorry for the hasty conclusion. My attention is required elsewhere.

Thanks for reading, see you Monday. 

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